Wednesday, February 14, 2007

If You’re A Camera Bag Nut Like Me...

I heard a photographer interviewed the other day and he admitted to owning at least 30 camera bags. I thought I was bad! Anna rolls her eyes every time I start looking at another camera bag or talking about some cool features on a new model. There should be a twelve step program for camera bag freaks like me. One of the guys who works at the lab I use calls himself a “bag slut.” The trunk of his car is full of them.

Well, I recently found the best website on the Internet devoted to camera bags, You’ll find there the most informative and practical reviews of a tremendous variety of bags, from the classics to the most recent designs for digital outfits. The best thing about the reviews is that they are written by actual owners and users of the bags.
Anyone can submit a review. (The image above is from my review of the Domke F6 bag which I submitted last week.)
If you’re searching for the perfect camera bag or just the right bag for that up-coming trip overseas or that trek over the Sierras, I’d recommend taking a look at before ordering. It’s a fun site to peruse and even has some forums where you can hang out with other bag nuts.

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