Friday, January 4, 2008

Gear is Good

I recently picked up this SB-23 Speedlight from KEH for $37. It's compact, light and extremely simple. It has one switch with two positions: Manual or TTL. It's either on or off. When left on it automatically goes into Standby mode and conserves power. It uses four AA batteries and is extremely energy efficient. It works great as a source of balanced fill flash with film cameras that control flash modes like the F100, F6, and older models such as the N6006 and even on my odd-ball F601m.

I've been testing it around the house and this evening I took it with me to the beach to check out the surf and sky during a break in this monster storm that's been pounding us since early this morning. After I get my next batch of film processed I'll post some images I shot this evening.

In the meantime feel free to share my mantra:

"Gear is Good."


Anna L. Conti said...

Or you can check my (so-so digital)photos of the scene, plus Dave and his camera/flash on my Flickr page:

namastenancy said...

Anna - your photos are awesome! Dave - where did you find a camera for $37? I got a digital camera for my birthday last year and have been learning how to use it but now, I'm ready for more gear myself. Gear may be good but the prices are not so good!

David W. Sumner said...

The little flash unit on top of the camera was $37, second hand from

namastenancy said...

Oh boy - another website full of temptation. How to choose? How to choose?