Friday, December 28, 2007

Just Me and My Cameras

With all the ups and downs of this year, the distractions and sidetracks, I've managed to rally around my work in photography. So much of the time I find myself just wanting to be a hermit, not seeing or talking to anyone, forgetting everything that's happened this year and get into a space where I can remember what I was like and how I felt before I got sick. A camera and a pocket full of film helps me get there. When I'm out taking pictures I'm in a perfect world. Nothing else matters and I'm happy. Just thinking about it now makes me feel good.

Being able to post my images on the web and to see how much wonderful work is being done by people all over the world is inspiring. I've connected with some new faces and old friends through Flickr, where I do most my photo posting now. I've met and become familiar with the work of photographers in Japan, Israel, Australia, Canada, The Republic of Moldova, England, France and right here in San Francisco. It's a great way to share work and explore our common creative pursuits.

Flickr also provides a means of publishing work that until recently was not available. I've been experimenting with creating short photo essays and posting them to Flickr. I put together a three part essay on our November trip to Los Angeles. Each part consists of five images with captions that create a running narrative chronicling our adventures there. I created another five image essay documenting a fire that broke out in a local cafe and the quick response of the SFFD.

I've had a tremendous amount of support from friends, near and far, and I greatly appreciate every bit of it. The support that we've received from my sister Susan and her family is truly above and beyond. Anna's brothers have helped in ways they can't imagine. But, I couldn't have managed this year at all without Anna. I owe her everything.

Right now I have a month long break from clinics, doctors and needles. Things are looking pretty good; the numbers could be better, but they don't tell the whole story. I'm a very, very lucky man. And I'm looking forward to a fresh year full of pictures.