Friday, June 24, 2011

A Little Travel

We're back from Seattle. It was a good trip and a nice break from the regular routine. As I planned I took the opportunity to approach photographing a bit differently.

I used only manual cameras and a hand held light meter. But I did document a bit of each day with a digital point and shoot to be able to post to the internet while on the road and to have a few images to discuss while waiting for my film to be processed.

It was refreshing and fun. I noticed that I spent more time considering a scene before making a photograph. I composed more carefully and I spent more time watching the light. Of course using electronic auto-exposure equipment doesn't mean one necessarily stops doing these things, but the tendency to rely on the camera's computer does give one the opportunity to pay less attention.

I enjoyed spending more time with a subject as the process was slowed down. For me that has allowed better personal memories of special places and moments. One spot in particular was the gate to August Wilson Way at Seattle Center. It's a wonderful spot of quiet contemplation and taking the time to think through making pictures of this unique spot added to the experience and my memory of it.

The trip was a nice exercise and I plan to repeat it often here at home. It's really nice to have all these options and to be able to pick and choose the appropriate one for the occasion.

Photo: Hotel room kitchen, ©2011 David W. Sumner

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

All You Need to Know...

"All you need to know about photography is
what's written on the box of film."
- Elliott Erwitt