Tuesday, February 4, 2014

With Liberty and Justice for All

The "Flag Project" is finally finished. The title is "With Liberty and Justice for All." The monograph was designed and put together at BigCrow Studio and will be available through MagCloud later this month. 

The monograph features 40 images selected from several hundred photographs I made over a period of seven years and includes a afterward by photographer Alyson Belcher. 

Below is the text from the forward of the monograph:

"Public display of the U.S flag is not uncommon. We expect to see it in a variety public settings. But what compels individuals, ordinary citizens, to display the flag: in a window, in front of a house, on clothing, on a car? Are these really private displays that just happen to share spaces that are at times public?

"There are of course obvious motivations for these displays of the flag: patriotism, nationalism, solidarity. But over the past decade the flag has come to represent many different things to different people. For some it provides a buffer of protection, for others it represents a different time lost to history, or an over abundance of false promises and for yet others it serves as a warning."

David W. Sumner
San Francisco, 2013