Saturday, December 27, 2008

Letting The Image Speak

I'm finding it hard to write about photographs or photography in general right now. I've tried to come up with short bits once a week, but I'm finding that to be no easier. I suppose that's why I photograph in the first place, because I just don't have that much to say, at least that much worth writing down that would be of interest to anyone but myself.

I'll keep trying, but I may lean a little more toward the news than the notes for a while.

Recently a few people have commented that my photographs look old, and not just because of the warm tone. They have said they look old as if they are of another time. Most of my subject matter is still, unmoving and of common things, often timeless things, like a tree. Maybe I choose subjects that might seem "old fashioned" to current sensibilities. I do seek out stillness and the familiar in that stillness. Maybe that in itself is old fashioned.

Photo: ©2008 David W. Sumner


John W. Wall said...

Don't worry about who might be interested. You might be surprised. You're so well-read on photography, I'd hope you'd share some of that perspective, for example.

Nancy Ewart said...

In a frantic time, to have the gift of portraying stillness is no small thing. I appreciate whatever you can share with us; in fact, I appreciate it even more as you let your images speak to those of us who are willing to look and listen.

David W. Sumner said...

John, Nancy I certainly appreciate your generous support. Thanks.