Saturday, January 23, 2010

To The Point

"By removing the color, we become more involved with the object's form and much more aware of the light that's falling on the object."
- Craig Varjabedian

"I don't find that color adds anything to what I'm trying to say about our society. If anything, it's always a disturbing factor."
- Milton Rogovin

"In most color photographs the color is gratuitous, it doesn't have meaning."

- Bruce Davidson

"Your photograph is telling a story. At a certain point you've told that story. More of the same thing becomes boring. If you go further you have to tell something additional that relates to your main story."
- Ray McSavaney recalls Ansel Adams' advice on cropping

"Viewers are usually unaware of whether they are looking at a silver print or a carbon pigment print and most do not care. It's the image they're interested in."
- Paul Roark

Photo: ©2009 David W. Sumner

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John W. Wall said...

Colorful quotes, Dave!