Saturday, July 30, 2016

Since Moving to Reno

Reno is a growing city with a small town culture and feel. Small town neighborhoods across a river from an active city center. 

Moving to the high desert east of the Sierra many would expect me to be interested in photographing the nature landscape. But I haven’t been interested in such subject matter for quite some time and leaving the San Francisco didn’t change that. Indeed, the landscape around Reno is beautiful and stimulating, but with regard to my photography I’m still focused on the patterns and artifacts of human activity. As I’ve said before, it’s the archaeologist in me.

Reno is an interesting blend of urban and rural and a place of seasonal living. Reno defies the stereotypical notions and images of both urban and rural culture. The essence of Reno is in the details of the interplay between its social and geographic environments. It’s images of these details I find most interesting and for now that is the focus of my photography; the details of Reno’s urbanization in an high desert environment of sun and snow.

Photos: ©2016 David W. Sumner

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